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Guiding Our Success & Shaping Our Future

Our mission, vision, and values are critical guiding concepts at PBA and we firmly believe that they represent the real PBA. Our mission and values are what have helped us to achieve our long term success. Our vision helps us stay focused on PBA's future.

These concepts are incorporated into everyday life at PBA and guide us to embrace the things that help us make a real difference in the healthcare arena today.

Our Mission

Empowering people to navigate the complex health care system and exceeding their expectations.

Our Vision

To be the premier TPA by continually innovating and providing unparalleled service.

Our Core Values

  • 1


    Establishing and maintaining relationships with integrity

  • 2


    Respect and support each other

  • 3


    Step up, speak up, and don’t be afraid to ask questions

  • 4


    Listen to others and speak the truth

  • 5


    Do what you say