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Reducing the Cost of Chronic Illness

According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, $3.8 trillion or 90% of the nation’s annual health care spend is for people with chronic health conditions.

The cost of healthcare for people with chronic diseases far outweighs that of healthy people. The average chronic disease sufferer has annual direct healthcare costs of $6,032, which is about 500% that of those without chronic conditions. Those who suffer from diseases have more frequent emergency room visits, take prescription drugs to manage their diseases, and are hospitalized more often. Besides the massive monetary burden of chronic illnesses on individuals and the healthcare system, they also cost the economy in lost productivity and medical debt.

Transforming Lives and Impacting the Workplace

PBA, in collaboration with Inspera Health, is addressing these health plan and economic costs by transforming lives. Individuals with five or more simultaneous lifelong chronic conditions spend every day managing symptoms, living with pain, and are frustrated by confusing or conflicting information. To truly change how they live and work, people need a sustained level of comprehensive, whole person integrated support.

It begins with a person being ready to change. Over a period of 15 – 24 months, the participant works their personalized Healthy Lifestyle Plan while being supported by a Healthy Lifestyle Coach. They decide to improve how they eat, increase their level of physical activity, improve their sleep quality, address mental health and stress issues, and better understand their conditions while they continue to work with their current physicians.

Plan participants see a greater than 30% improvement in their health, which leads to lower total health related costs for them and the health plan.

About PBA

Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc. (PBA) is an independently owned and operated Third Party Administrator (TPA) with a national presence. Since 1985, PBA has been entirely focused on self-funded employer sponsored health plans. Our goal is to build relationships with advisors who believe in the value of self-funding health plans with a flexible, client centric TPA. Committed to leveraging the PBA Advantage, we offer a competitive edge and always search for innovation to break through the status quo.