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PBA Offers Leading Benefit Administration

Benefit administration services are at the core of self-funding. PBA is there every step of the way with our expertise and time-tested best practices and strategies.

Efficient Benefit Administration Includes:

Innovative plan designs for plan cost management
ID cards and membership engagement communications for steerage to cost effective providers
State of the art eligibility and claim processing platform
Member Advocacy team members provide answers and support to plan members
ACA experts to make sure the plan is compliant with federal healthcare mandates
Monthly report packages with detailed benefit usage to assist in effective plan benefit design and monitoring
24/7 access to a mobile-friendly benefits portal featuring: a secure message system, member eligibility information, claims, ID card, benefit forms and FSA/HSA/HRA account.

For more information about our Benefit Administration or questions about benefits, call us at 1-630-655-3755 or email