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The federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires employers to extend group health benefits to employees and their families who lose benefits due to certain qualifying events. Employers required to comply can save time, money, and reduce liability by choosing PBA COBRA services.

Reduce employer liability and the administrative burden of managing COBRA in-house with PBA's COBRA solution. PBA offers a secure, web-based COBRA management platform that makes it very easy to:

  • Add new employees and "Qualified Beneficiaries"
  • Run a wide range of reports
  • View the "Qualified Beneficiary" ledger
  • View all available data-related options

Notifications and Record Keeping

PBA’s web-based COBRA solution makes it easy to notify all covered employees and spouses of their rights under COBRA as qualifying events take place. All correspondence is stored securely, and coverage is implemented for “Qualified Beneficiaries” who choose to continue coverage.

In addition, our technology makes it easy to notify Drug Card vendors of all COBRA-related activity. If PBA is selected to also become the Claims Administrator, COBRA is automatically integrated into the benefit termination process, which means no additional work on the employer.

Get the Help Needed for Compliance

Employers have direct access to a dedicated COBRA specialist to aid with COBRA services and compliance questions.

PBA offers the administrative experience, regulatory knowledge, and information technology to ease the burden of COBRA compliance.